Salesforce Automation

Salesforce is the leading CRM product in the world with over 150,000 customers and it enables a wide range of businesses, organisations and teams to leverage a defined framework of customer relationship management functionality. The software is provided on a subscription basis and includes a trading store of plugins and add-ons that increase usability and the range of functions that users can perform.

However, as with many software products and software as a service (SAAS) models user requirements are not always satisfied at an individual level where job roles, nuances and specific tasks vary across the user groups.

Whilst Salesforce is highly configurable it can still leave gaps, especially where there are multiple, repetitive tasks to be performed. The extra productivity gained from the software can be significantly reduced through insufficient processes and multiple screens loading data from external sources. This can impact customer service, customer interactions and overload service staff to the extent that operational efficiency is reduced and mistakes can be made.

Salesforce Automation using UiPath

To counter the productivity deficit and make the Salesforce platform more responsive, easier to use and navigate that in tunr will increase productivity and remove mistakes UiPath has developed an integrated suite of add-on’s, that in combination, deliver a superior user experience and required a light touch n terms of configuration and setup.

If you would like to real sweat your Salesforce instance and delivery high value with optimised services please watch the video’s from UiPaths Christian Negilescu below and select which Salesforce functions you would like to automate (Please request others if not shown):


Salesforce Automation using UiPath fully compliments the power of the CRM platform by fully utilising all of the functionality and combines this with enterprise class and easy to configure process automation. 

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