Process Mining


What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is a form of data mining with a specific focus on process use and workflow within an organisation by using data logs and user information.

This has the advantage that rather than relying on traditional process mapping through user interviews and internal process documentation reviews an accurate factual and objective view of the process can be achieved much faster. 

Process Mining solves a range of traditional issues and answers key end user questions without the need for complex manual or elongated project time frames.

Typical questions raised around legacy application processes:

What processes are still required?

Which processes can be retired or deleted?

What are my most costly processes and why?

Where does friction reside within my process flow?

Where can improvements be made in the process?

Who needs training and on what part of the process?

What can be process tuned?

What can be automated?


How does Process Mining Help?

Process Mining uses datamining techniques to identify and then capture key data relating to a process.

The data is used to produce a living model of the process showing all of the process interactions, timings and events relating to the process. This is then visualised and can be played back to show all of the elements of the process working.

Once this is captured stakeholders can review where friction points exist and also shows where a process can be tuned, part or fully automated.

Workflow Analysis Overview for a call centre  below 

What does it Save you?

Process Mining saves you a significant amount of time and effort whilst at the same delivering a completely accurate and comprehensive view of your process in ‘living’ detail.

Changes can be modelled first before implemented and costs associated with a process can allocated to each step of the process providing fully awareness of costs and wastage.

A Demonstration Next?

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Accurate Process Mapping

Traditional process capture and mapping relied on manual task, out dated documentation and subjective data.

Process mining uses accurate systems data.

Make Fact Based Decisions

Data is king and accurate data turns business decision making from an art form to a measurable, accurate and positive value driven exercise . Let your managers and executives decide with facts.

Increase Process Efficiency

Significantly ibcrease the effeciency of your processes and internal work functions. Process Mining will help you deliver value faster through process excellence.

Real Life Process View

Once the systems data has been captured an interrogated a real world, real life functional map can be created and reviewed.

A working model shows where there is process friction, lack of productivity and compliance.

Improve Worker Interaction

With data mining you can identify where your workers can spend the most productive time and where they don’t need to get involved. Free them from the drudgery of data tasks.

Cloud or Onsite

As with any modern technology your business can operate process mining in the cloud or within your own datacentre. This allows to manage resoruces more effectively so you can start smll and scale with success.

Significant Time Saving

Process Mining  delivers a full understanding and comprehensive ovewrview of the prcesses that exist within your organisation. No longer do process reviews take months of interviews and long documentation reviews.

Improve Customer Service

Free your customer services team from undertaking processes that don’t require human attention or interaction. Remove processes that don’t add customer value. 

Create Value

As with any investment the proposed outcome must be measured, monitored and compared. Because a process can be isolated then modelled chnages to the process or when automated can demostratre accuratley how much value has been achieved. 

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