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About Us

 ONQU Automation delivers value to our clients and customers by providing a range of automation services from automation inception and targeting through to 24*7 Support.

The all of the directors have worked in the Enterprise Consultancy space coming from , Oracle, SAP, ABBYY including Enterpise Document Management and Workflow a precusor to robotic process automation.

 We provide process mining, target process idetification, consultancy services, knowledge transfer and remote support.

 We locations in both London and Birmingham ONQU Automation can support you with localised service provision whether a single subject matter expert or a complete automation delivery team.

 To speak with one of our team please contact the ONQU Automation offices. use the chatbot below or email   

Process Identification

Which processes are causing the most problems, friction and issues within your organisation use process mining or we have suite of process review tools to help you.

Workers Work Smarter

With RPA your workers will work smarter and faster by allowing more time to be allocated on processes that matter.

Solve Process Puzzles

Do remove change or leave your processes what is working well and delivering value and which processes could be enhanced, tailored and improved by mixing rpa and documnet intilligence digital transformation can be achieved.

Automation Works

There is no path to automation, automation is tha path so start your journey today ONQU Automation.


Our Approach to Process Mining, RPA & Document Intelligence

The Business Automation sector is having a renaisance as the technology has finally caught up with what business users require.

Low touch, highly functional, easy to install automated solutions that deliver measurable value, improve processes typically by 15 times faster in comparison to manual functions. 

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3 Gatsby Court, 172 Holiday Street, Birmingham B1 1TJ

Monday-Friday: 8am – 5pm

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