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Process Mining

Process mining is a data mining tool and technique with a specific focus on using systems data to create accurate process maps and models. This helps to identify process fiction, log jams, inefficiencies, non-compliance. It also helps with applications, cloud migrations and upgrades by identifying process debt where legacy processes are no longer needed. Process mining tools are comprehensive data mining tools that capture the process data and allow detailed process models to be created and tested against theories. Process miners talk about upstream and downstream tasks and events. These can be visualised and when changes are made, the observer can witness what happens when process elements are changed to both the upstream and downstream elements of the process. Does it speed up slow down, add value or take value away? The process mining can identify the time taken for a task and observers can enter hourly costs against the person undertaking the task. Full costs are then applied to the process so any changes are fully costed and shown. Once understood process can be changed through process tuning or part or full automation.

  • Process Tuning
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  • What is Process Debt?
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What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a form of business process automation that uses aspecific tool set that captures a users mouse and key board strokes and creates a software process that replicates the user actions with a computer program. The process can operate independently through and Unattended Robot or it can be supported by user interaction through an Attended Robot

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  • What is an Attended Robot
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Document Intelligence

Document Intelligence is the use of Artificial Intelligence, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Data Capture and other technologies to capture structured and unstructured data. Document Intelligence extracts relevant information from various document types, validates it and exposes it to downstream systems through Automation, APIs, and Data Capture methodologies ensuring organisational information is processed rapidly and accurately. By reducing the amount of manual time identifying and capturing the data this enables employees to focus on high-value rather than low-value tasks.

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