Robotic Process Automation

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What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a software technology allowing businesses to automate low-level tasks now and will assist humans with higher-level tasks in the future, as the technology improves.

The primary focus of automation is to have software bots complete routine, monotonous jobs, for processing transactions, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. This allows the human employees to complete tasks that require feelings, emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgement, and a higher level of care and interaction with the organisations other customers or employees.

How can ONQU Automation help we have a proven methodology?


Identify Target Processes

Traditional process capture and mapping relied on manual task, out dated documentation and subjective data.

Process mining captures accurate systems data.

Scale to Production

Once the SPOC has been signed off and the success metrics have been sastified the RPA process can be sclaed to production.

Define Process Documentation

Once the systems data has been captured an interrogated a real world, real life functional map can be created and reviewed.

A working model shows where there is process friction, lack of productivity and compliance.

Improve Worker Interaction

With RPA you can llow workers to play a part in the delivery of the automation using an attended robot so that they can influence the parts of the process that the human touch.

Define Success Metrics

Once defined, processes can be revwied and decisions taken on not only which processes should be automated but also define success metrics to measure the automation by.  For example Speed, accuracy, compliance, productivity and throughput.

Create Value

RPA creates value within the host organisation by delivering a range benefits including productivity increases, accuracy maintian compliance, identifying value within the process and demostrating how much value has been created. 


Develop an RPA SPOC

Once you have designed and developed the RPA routine ONQU creates a Scalable Proof of Concept (SPOC). It allows rapid development, agile delivery providing 80% of the functionality required. Once completed it can be scaled to Production.

Significant Time Saving

RPA delivers time savings by allowing processes to run continually 24 by 7. With automated routines workers no longer have to shuffle between screens and spend time looking for work. With up to 15x the spped of manual work RPA delivers. 

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