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What is Document Intelligence?

Dcoument intelligence is the cornerstone of Digital Transformation and data optimisation within organisation. Traditional document management was concerned with physical documents and converting paper into images that could be stored electronically. However, this was only part of the required solution as many organisations  still required the data to be manually converted and inputted into a range of host systems such as finance, customer, manufacturing and sales.

The primary focus of document intilligent solutions are to use the latest data capture technology and combine this with articifical learning and natural language programming (NLP). Document intillgent systems already understand characters, document tyopes, whether it is an invoice or a purchase order and also have the ability to learn new document types and how to extract data.

When combined with RPA full automation can be achieved with little or no human involvment and assuming the data is located correctly be 100% accurate. 

How can ONQU Automation help with Document Intilligence?


Identify Target Documents

Traditional data capture and presentation of data using physcial documents or PDF’s still requires manual review to turn data into information.

Target document processes need  to be identified.

Scale to Production

Once the SPOC has been signed off and the success metrics have been sastified the RPA process is sclaed to production either using pre-defined solutions such a ABBYY Flexicapture for Invoicing or Optical Character Recognition combined with Artifical Learning or Natural Language Programing (NLP).

Define Document Flow

Once the process has been identified the document flow needs to be cptured. This can be done using manual tools or using process mining

A defined flow will help to identify what happens to the document and where the data is.

Improve Worker Interaction

With Document IQ solution an organisation can re-allocate staff to areas of the process where a human touch or emotional IQ is required. For invoice processing this may be to build relationships with customers and provide better social business interactions. 


Define Solution & Design

Once defined, the document flow can be used a reference to define and design what document solution is required. Whether simple data scraping is required or a specialist solution such as Automated Inovice Processing.

Create Value

Document intilligence creates value within the host organisation by capturing data automatically and accurately. Document IQ delivers a range benefits and allows organisations to operate at a digital transformation level as once unstructured data is identified and classified it can be circulated, shared and inserted into mutliple systems. 


Develop a Scable POC

Once you have designed and developed the solution ONQU creates a Scalable Proof of Concept (SPOC). This enables  rapid development, agile delivery by providing 80% of the functionality required. Once completed it can be scaled to Production.

Significant Time Saving

RPA delivers time savings by allowing processes to run continually 24 by 7. With automated routines workers no longer have to shuffle between screens and spend time looking for work. With up to 15x the spped of manual work RPA delivers. 

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