Process Mining, Document and Invoice Automation with ABBYY

ONQU Automation is an ABBYY certified partner based in the UK for Invoice Automation, automated document reading data and capture.

ONQU delivers a range of solution selection and implementation services. Depending upon the host organisations defined requirements we organise live document processing demonstrations, 30-day license trials and scaleable proof of concepts (SPOC).

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Process Mining

Process Mining and Task Mining is one of the latest technologies that help organisations identify where processes are and what can be done to improve them. A key element within Process Mining is to model the living processes and use predictative analysis to assess whether changes are positive or negative .

Document Intelligence

With the ability to understand the taxonomy of different types of documents, ABBYY software already understand the majority of documents whether an invoice purchase order or spreadsheet.

Optical Character Recognition

ABBYY are recognised as one of the leading providers of OCR and Image Recognition solutions. With the ability to take raw data from and image or pdf the enterprise class software which has been developed over 30 years enables orgnaisations to deliver digital transformation easliy and quickly.

Document Automation

By combining ABBYY Document intilligence with automation organisations can reach 100% fully automated, scalable and always operational processing and dlivery services.

ABBYY Use Cases and Solutions

ABBYY is recognised as a global leader in the document intelligence and digitisation market with a pedigree stretching back over 30 years.

With a suite of Optical and Intelligent character recognition (OCR/ICR) tools for general use and specific business operational solutions such as flexicapture for invoicing  ABBYY enables digital transformation across the whole organisation with solutions that include:

Invoice process automation

High Volume Scanning data capture

Accurate identification of unstructured data even within images

SharePoint and Office 365 search facility

Purchase Order reconciliation automation

Data capture then full integration with RPA solutions using UiPath Blue Prism

For further information or to arrange any of the above please email or phone 0121 227 8001

30-Day Free Trial from ABBYY

ONQU can advise on the following and can organise a 30 day free trial of the software or even a free test for those organisations that meet the selection criteria:

ABBYY Flexi Capture

ABBYY Flexi Capture for invoicing

ABBYY Fine Reader 

ABBYY Cloud Offierngs – Finereader and Invoice Processing

To book a demonstration or organise a free 30 day trial with support from ONQU please send an email to or fill out the contact form below.

Product Video’s


ABBYY Flexicapture for Invoicing 

ABBYY Finereader


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